In 1862 the Dutch ophthalmologist Herman Snellen designed a test to evaluate the visual acuity of his patients.

Snellen created a table with letters of different sizes ordered in descending order. He placed the table 20 feet from the patient (6 meters) and the row of smaller letters that he was able to accurately read indicated his visual acuity, with the 20/20 size being the equivalent of 100% vision.

Herman Snellen y Tabla

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We are a team of experienced professionals with a history of more than 20 years of work helping our patients to see better.

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  • We participate in continuous training programs, we know that our patients need us to know the latest advances in the treatment of visual problems.
  • We update our equipment with the latest generation diagnostic devices, so that our prescription is faithful to the vision difficulties of our customers.
  • We offer the most exclusive collections of frames on the market. Always the latest trends combined with the classic product and with the highest quality that the most demanding customer demands.
  • We renew our image and facilities periodically to adapt to you and make the environment in which we receive you comfortable and pleasant.


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